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Leaf Data Systems Integration

GrowFlow integrates and replaces the need to use Leaf Data Systems, in states that use Leaf Data Systems as the legislative reporting software.

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What is Leaf Data Systems?

Leaf Data Systems is a government compliance reporting software solution. There are a few states that currently use Leaf Data Systems as their state reporting solution.

These states include Pennsylvania, Washington, and Utah.


Never login to Leaf Data again

For wholesalers, GrowFlow's integration with Leaf Data completely replaces the need to login to Leaf Data to complete state reporting activities.

Our integration allows operators to work only in GrowFlow and have all of their reporting automatically completed via the API integration.


Report Sales automatically

GrowFlow's Leaf Data integration allows you to report all of the activities at your shop to Leaf Data automatically, and in real-time.

This means when you are using GrowFlow at your shop, your compliance data is always up-to-date in Leaf Data.

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