GrowFlow Podcast - Episode 21 - Better than cash - Alternative electronic payment options for cannabis retailers

On this installment of the podcast we talk about alternative payment methods available to cannabis retailers.

Cannabis banking legislation is still very backwards in the cannabis industry. Although ATM withdrawals and cash are the norm at cannabis retail shops, cash hurts cannabis retail sales by capping the amount a customer can spend on a given visit.

If you’re a cannabis retail shop owner it’s important to explore other options. Businesses that can take ‘normal’ debit or credit card type transactions can increase their revenue 30-40% on average.

Cashless ATM, with the correct, vetted partner can unlock this customer experience for all cannabis retailers.

Tune in and learn how to offer non-cash-payment options at your cannabis shop and increase your basket size 30-40%!


...there are a number of GrowFlow, legal businesses that are unbanked – it's insane.

Travis Steffen, GrowFlow CEO


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