GrowFlow Podcast - Episode 17 - How to: Navigate Cannabis Compliance Reporting Changes in Washington and Beyond

Learn about the recent Leaf Data System announcement in Washington state and how it could affect your compliance reporting.

We also cover how to get ahead of compliance changes in any state, whether you operate in Washington, Oklahoma, California or any legal cannabis state.

GrowFlow has navigated a number of these state-system changes, so we know what you need to do. But... it's still hard sometimes, right?

The most recent announcement by the WSLCB in Washington on the Leaf Data system is just one example of how things can change quickly in the legal cannabis industry. New states are legalizing cannabis every day! So how can you keep up with all of these changes?

In this video we break down our experiences in both Washington and Oklahoma navigating these changes - and how you can minimize the disruptions to your business whenever the state reporting system changes all while staying compliant and profitable.


...look for the silver lining - Where can you actually make things more efficient?

Joe Stolte, GrowFlow CRO


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