GrowFlow Then and Now: The GrowFlow Story and Our New Branding

GrowFlow-Logo-Comparison-2-1New Brand. Same Soul.

For GrowFlow, the last four years have been full of wins, losses, challenges and growth. 

When we first started, with just the seeds of an idea for GrowFlow at CannaCon 2016, we didn’t expect the overwhelming response we received from our grower friends who loved our big vision of providing a better seed-to-sale software experience for cannabis operators. 

From celebrating winning our very first customer with a happy dance with our four person team, to serving over 1,000 customers across the country today, with $1.44 billion in sales processed and a team of 50+, we’ve come a long way. 

At the core of it all, we’ve always stayed focused on three goals: listening to our customers, putting their success at the center of everything we do and always continuing to develop our products and knowledge to fulfill the first two goals. 

Cannabis has grown up a lot in the last four years and so have we. We thought it was time to step back to create a brand that fit with the future of what we want to create. 

A future where we can work hard to fulfill our mission of becoming the most useful cannabis company in the world. 

A future where we aren’t just talking to our customers about seed-to-sale, but one where we’re talking about seed-to-scale

A future where we help our customers to not only stay compliant but to successfully scale their businesses with the right software, services and knowledge to make the journey a lot easier. 

For GrowFlow, the new brand is more than a fancy new paint job. 

It’s us raising our hand to the industry to say we’re raising the bar. 

It’s an open invitation to the ambitious wholesalers, processors, distributors, and retailers who want to stay compliant, competitive, and scale up their business faster and better, with less effort. 

If this sounds like you, we’d love to chat. 

We’re here when you‘re ready to scale.

 - Your friends at GrowFlow

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When we first started, it felt like we were just helping our grower friends solve their biggest problems. As our company has grown and our products evolved, our commitment to being customer-obsessed has not changed.

Rufus Casey, Founder


A cannabis software provider for over 1,110 operations across seven states.

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